WATCH “K-43”

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The first watch, the production of which was established at the first Soviet watch factory, the 1st GCHZ, were pocket watch “1st type”, or K-43 (named after the movement with a diameter of 43 mm), with a side small second.

Since November 1930, pocket “K-43s” began to arrive at army stores, about 50 thousand pieces a year. Very soon, a wrist modification of this watch appeared.⠀

In 1935, this wristwatch got the name “Kirovsky” and are rightfully considered one of the most popular watches during the Great Patriotic War.
The Kirovsky watch became the basis for the creation of other models of watches supplied to the Soviet troops in the late 30s and during World War II.  Movements 3602 and 3603 produced later by Chelyabinsk watch and clock factory MOLNIJA have been developed on the basis of Kirovsky’s movement as well.