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As you know, the warranty for all products is 1 year from the date of sale of the product, but when you purchase on our online store you get an additional year of warranty, and it will be 2 years total.
The warranty covers only those watches sold by authorized dealers.
The warranty covers material and assembly defects. In the event of a problem falling under the conditions of the warranty, the manufacturer will repair the defect at no cost to the consumer. If a repair is impossible, the manufacturer will replace the watch with an identical one, or one with the same characteristics. Repairs should take place only in authorized centers. To find an authorized service center, contact your local retailer.

Warranty does not cover:
• Crystal and strap
• Problems arising from the use of the watch (scratches on the crystal, color changes of non-metallic straps and bracelets, etc.)
• Any damage caused by improper use of the watch, lack of maintenance or mishandling (scratches, cracks, dents, etc.)
•  Any unauthorized attempts to repair the watch and/or change the appearance or construction of the watch
• Water damage caused by improper use of the crown

If you have more questions or need extra information please do not hesitate our service manager Svetlana Mirasova via phone (351) 700-13-80 or via e-mail