The 3603 is the legendary manual-winding anti-shock movement manufactured at Molnija’s Chelyabinsk Watch Factory. This caliber began to be mass-produced in 1984, and it was rediscovered and revived in 2018, when it began to be incorporated in wrist watch collections.
The thin support rods supporting the balance wheel which are installed in the spring suspension system ensure that the 3603 movement is shock-resistant. A watch with this type of shock-resistant movement can withstand a fall onto a solid horizontal surface from a height of 1 meter without any damage being done how the balance wheel operates.


Molnija applies the test and acceptance procedures used in the approval process for products which are designed to work in real combat conditions to its civilian products.

1. Climatic tests expose watches to a maximum temperature gradient.
2. A unique test bench exposes watches to vibrations and shocks in tests which make it possible to guarantee the devices are capable of will perform under extreme conditions.
3. Test equipment is used in hydrostatic tests to check if the watch is waterproof and can withstand high pressure.
4. A desiccator has been designed to test how the watch performs under high humidity.
5. A dust chamber simulates the effects of blowing and static dust on the watch.


The factory works together with leading timepiece designers and design studios to develop its new models.